Override Git's User Email by Folder

Never forget to set your work email after cloning a work Git repository again!

When using a single computer for multiple categories of development (personal, work, etc), there is often a need to set a specific user.email value for each repository cloned depending on the use. For example, it’d make sense to use your work email for repositories cloned for work while you’d use your personal email for you own projects. Without the following setup, it’s very easy to forget to override your user.email at a repository level and end up committing to one or the other with the wrong email attached. [Read More]

A Git Alias for Keeping a Tidy Development Environment

Over time, whether working alone or in a team, your Git environment can become cluttered and messy with branches of the past, both local and remote. Though this isn’t an issue in the short term, if left alone, it can lead to time wasting mistakes, out of date code that doesn’t work once pushed to origin, and clutter in any Git tools or GUIs you may use leading to lower productivity. [Read More]