Override Git's User Email by Folder

Never forget to set your work email after cloning a work Git repository again!

When using a single computer for multiple categories of development (personal, work, etc), there is often a need to set a specific user.email value for each repository cloned depending on the use. For example, it’d make sense to use your work email for repositories cloned for work while you’d use your personal email for you own projects. Without the following setup, it’s very easy to forget to override your user.email at a repository level and end up committing to one or the other with the wrong email attached. [Read More]

A Git Alias for Keeping a Tidy Development Environment

Over time, whether working alone or in a team, your Git environment can become cluttered and messy with branches of the past, both local and remote. Though this isn’t an issue in the short term, if left alone, it can lead to time wasting mistakes, out of date code that doesn’t work once pushed to origin, and clutter in any Git tools or GUIs you may use leading to lower productivity. [Read More]

Confoo 2017 Takeaways

Last week Confoo took place in Montreal. This has always been a good conference in that there’s quite a bit of variety in talks offered. No matter your interests, there will be talks of interest for you. It’s a pretty pricey conference though but normal compared to many larger conferences. This post covers some of the main points that I took away from the talks I attended. Mainly for my own long term reference but maybe it’ll be useful to others.

I won’t go into details on implementation below as there’s a lot of information out there on each subject already. From the talks at Confoo, I aimed for ones that were more architecture focused with as little language specific info as possible. This provided a lot of theoretical information leaving the practical information flexible for whatever implantation is desired.

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Setting Currency When Using Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager Ecommerce

After some frustrations with conflicting documentation, I figured I’d make the blog post I wished I had at the start of this all. This forum post is what finally led me in the correct direction. If you’re using Universal Analytics through Google Tag Manager and are tracking Standard Ecommerce transactions in multiple currencies, you’ll need some extra setup beyond the documentation they provide. You’ll notice there’s no mention of setting the currency when sending a standard ecommerce transaction because the Universal Analytics through Google Tag Manager doesn’t support it. [Read More]

Caching Assetic Asset Collections

Recently I was working with Assetic for combining and minifying CSS and JS files but ran into an issue with regards to caching the created asset collection. The resulting minified file was being rewritten on every page load which was no good at all. TL;DR: Get the asset collection’s “last modified” property and compare it to the written minified file to determine if it needs updating. Updated Feb 29, 2016 This post originally used String Assets to cache the collection’s content. [Read More]
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Logger-TXT OSX Dev Diary 5 - Adding autocomplete for metadata

Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing a fairly major change to Logger-TXT OSX that adds autocomplete to the type and project inputs. I’ve spent a while sitting on this change as to make it happen, there were some large, behind the scenes, changes that needed to be made. There’s a few bugs that were caught, like adding extra blank lines to log files, that were uncovered throughout this process. [Read More]

Logger-TXT OSX Dev Diary 4 - Rethinking The NSPopover

Since Dev Diary #3, a fair amount of work has been done due to trying to get NSPopovers to work reliably with the rest of OSX. Though in its previous state it worked, the overall user experience was unacceptable due to too many unreliable behaviours stemming from trying to use a popover from a menu bar status item. Issues with the Menu Bar Popover A few issues that were present with the popover implementation were: [Read More]

Logger-TXT OSX Dev Diary 3 - The Great Menu Bar Migration

Over the past week and a half I’ve been working on getting what I previously had moved to the menu bar. Popping open a window was alright but I’ve always wanted to create a menu bar app and this was a perfect fit. Already, after just a few days of testing, the menu bar pop-up feels a lot nicer than a regular window opening for input. It wasn’t an easy transition as there was a fair amount of learning to be done and there are many ways to achieve the same general result. [Read More]

Logger-TXT OSX Dev Diary 2 - All about user preferences

Development of Logger-TXT OSX has been coming along since Dev Diary #1 and is at the point that I can use it daily for log input. I still have my primary script around for accessing recent items, search, corrections, and general comfortability, but overall, I have the OSX app in use for all input. The focus for the past week was getting the preferences window and its various settings to work. [Read More]

Logger-TXT OSX Dev Diary 1 - Diving into Objective-C

With some free time that has presented itself in the past month, I’ve decided to clear a few things off my back burner that have been nagging me for a while. One of those things was to learn some Objective-C in order to create OSX and iOS counterparts to my Logger-TXT script. Not everyone enjoys interacting with shell scripts all day so a nice GUI has been a long time coming. [Read More]