Valve's handbook for new employees is a must read

Posted around online in the past few days is a PDF copy of Valve's handbook for new employees. It walks through everything from company structure, to gauging your own performance and what is expected of you. Seeing how such a successful company operates is fascinating. From how employees organize projects to just the overall tone of the document. It's a long read but damn, I recommend reading it cover to cover.

I've re-uploaded it here incase the original link I found becomes unavailable and also for a more permanent record for my own memory.

Dreaming Of An Open Step Tracker

In a recent post by Marius Watz on Code & Form, he talks about the FitBit and how it's a shame that they don't let the person who just paid $100 for the device access their data out of the box. Instead, FitBit offers a premium account for $49/year which allows for the ability to completely export your own data.

Performance Hit When Using CSS box-shadow With Text Boxes

Just finished debugging a problem where I had text boxes whose performance was terrible. There was a noticeable lag between input and display and it was not usable.

After looking around it turned out the CSS3 box-shadow I had on the parent div which contained these text boxes was causing the performance hit. I assume that each time you type a letter, the browser has to re-render the box-shadow. I was using a box shadow of type inset for an inner gradient look so your results may differ with different box shadow types.

IETester Needs IE7

For the past few days I have been trying to debug a weird IE7 issue with regards to transparent PNGs. Everything on the internet was telling me that what was happing shouldn't happen so this was a pretty frustrating experience. I'm a mac user and use IETester for making sure websites work in IE. It's a solid app and hasn't failed me in the past.

Inspiration From FITC Toronto 2010

For the past few days I have been in Toronto, Canada for the Flash In The Can (FITC) conference. Throughout the 3 days, there were a few talks that really got me inspired and a few in which I fell asleep. Below I shall give you some details on James White, Scott Hansen, Jer Thorp, and Wesley Grubbs. Be sure to check out their sites and portfolios to see the great work that they do.

Vertical Align A Horizontal Menu in CSS

This is just a quick post on vertically aligning a horizontal menu with CSS. There are many posts out there on how to do this, but on a current project, I found that none of the tutorials I found worked. I managed to stumble upon a way that worked. I know for many this will be common sense....this post is for everybody else.

Setting Up A MediaTomb Server For PS3 Streaming

Having a PS3 hooked up to an HDTV is great and all but if all your media is on your server you need a way to get the content to where it needs to be. This is where MediaTomb comes into play.

MediaTomb is an open source (GPL) UPnP MediaServer with a nice web user interface, it allows you to stream your digital media through your home network and listen to/watch it on a variety of UPnP compatible devices.

Your PS3 is a UPnP compatible device so MediaTomb is perfect for the job.

Setting Up A Samba File Share Server

Setting up a Samba file share is the easiest method for connecting a media server to a variety of computers of differing operating systems. It also provides easy access to the server for adding and removing files; especially for those not familiar with the command line environment.

This tutorial assumes that you have basic knowledge of the command line environment and have a Ubuntu server already running with SSH installed.

Setting Up A SheevaPlug Media Server

Over the next few days I will be posting a series of tutorials on setting up a kick ass media server that is cheap, powerful, tiny and dead silent. For about $100 USD and an external hard drive you can set up a media server that streams to all the computers and gaming consoles in your house providing you with media wherever you are.