Logger-TXT OSX Dev Diary #3 - The Great Menu Bar Migration

Over the past week and a half I've been working on getting what I previously had moved to the menu bar. Popping open a window was alright but I've always wanted to create a menu bar app and this was a perfect fit. Already, after just a few days of testing, the menu bar pop-up feels a lot nicer than a regular window opening for input.

Logger-TXT OSX Dev Diary #2 - All about user preferences

Development of Logger-TXT OSX has been coming along since Dev Diary #1 and is at the point that I can use it daily for log input. I still have my primary script around for accessing recent items, search, corrections, and general comfortability, but overall, I have the OSX app in use for all input.

The focus for the past week was getting the preferences window and its various settings to work. This involved getting the following to work:

Logger-TXT OSX Dev Diary #1 - Diving into Objective-C

With some free time that has presented itself in the past month, I've decided to clear a few things off my back burner that have been nagging me for a while. One of those things was to learn some Objective-C in order to create OSX and iOS counterparts to my Logger-TXT script. Not everyone enjoys interacting with shell scripts all day so a nice GUI has been a long time coming. Though mobile is a pretty big logging hole at the moment, I figured an OSX app would be an easier place to start.

A note on archiving Gmail messages in Mutt

A while ago I switched to Mutt for all of my email needs. I have a mix of regular IMAP accounts and a few Gmail powered accounts set up. The Gmail accounts have always been a thorn in my side due to an early misconception I had about the All Mail folder and archiving. Below is my initial problem, solution and what I found to be the consistent behaviour of a Mutt + Gmail setup.

Setting which theme to use during Drupal 7 cron

Recently I ran into an issue where I had to generate content within a Drupal 7 cron run using node_view(). Normally there wouldn't be much of an issue here except that I was also trying to do some custom work within node.tpl.php in the main theme for the site.

After much frustration, I learned that during cron, the administration theme is used. After some thought, that makes sense and normally would not cause any issues but in my case it caused nothing but pain.

Fix for OfflineImap not finding SQLite backend

Recently I've been running into an issue when using OfflineImap to get my email. It took me a while to track down a solution to this problem so I figured a quick post was in order for future reference for myself and others. Below is a description of the problem, how it came about after working fine initially and the solution found.

Announcing Admiral - Reliable RSS Syncing!

Since the announcement that Google Reader is going to shut down on July 1, 2013, everyone who used them has been looking for alternatives. There are lots of great readers available out there that used to tie into Google Reader and some are now working to clone the Google Reader functionality. I'm working on a different approach to solving this issue and it's an approach I hope others will be interested in.

Setting up Launchd for Offlineimap

With cron being depreciated in OSX a few versions ago, the proper way to run a script at set intervals is with Launchd. Below is just a quick setup for getting Offlineimap to run every 2 minutes to refresh your local email folders.

Using Vim for Arduino development

Here's a quick post on setting up Vim for Arduino development instead of using the Arduino IDE. If you're a heavy Vim user, it can be a bit of a shock to go into a different editor. Thankfully the setup is pretty easy to get this all working with Vim. This post is assuming you are comfortable with how Vim is setup and ideally already have an environment that works for you.

A few Geektool snippets and information

I used to have a simple TXT file hosted on my server which contained a few Geektool snippets. Every once and while I get contact about it due to the fact it doesn't exist anymore. In the hope of making the internet a better place, this is just a quick post containing what I often email people back asking for Geektool advice.