A few Geektool snippets and information

I used to have a simple TXT file hosted on my server which contained a few Geektool snippets. Every once and while I get contact about it due to the fact it doesn't exist anymore. In the hope of making the internet a better place, this is just a quick post containing what I often email people back asking for Geektool advice. The majority of enquiries have come from this quite old Geektool setup I had done when I first found out about the tool so there may be some references to it below. It also provides some visual examples.

Over time my setup has evolved, gotten more complicated, then simplified, and so on so i've forgotten that I even had some of this setup. Included below is a bit of the main information.

  • Overview
    • That's a script called birdseye.py
    • I ended up creating three of these files, mainly just copy and pasted commenting out what i didn't want since I wanted the context and projects to be separate from the main overview though if that is necessary is dependant on your setup.
  • Calendar
  • Today's Todo's
    • What I do now is for anything that I need to take care of today I add "+next" to the end of the todo
    • So if I want to mark something as next, I just do "t append ## +next" and it will show up in that list
    • When displaying in geektool, it's just a matter of "t list +next"
    • note: I have my geektool path aliased to "t" for easy use
  • Current Weather
    • You need to replace "CAXX0301" with your location code. You may have to do a little digging through yahoo weather to figure it out. it used to be more apparent before they changed their interface. Also this is for Celsius
curl --silent "http://xml.weather.yahoo.com/forecastrs s?p=CAXX0301&u=c" | grep "^<yweather:condition" | sed -e 's/<yweather:condition text=\"//' -e 's/\" code=\"[0-9]*\" temp=\"/, /' -e 's/\" date=\".*/ C/'

I know I haven't gone into super detail on implementing these things but some the fun I found in geektool, and at the time learning some command line stuff, was taking other peoples scripts and breaking them trying to figure out how to get what I want. Was a great learning experience.

General note: When dealing with geektool it's good to get familiar with command line and piping data together.

Hope this helps. Have fun messing around to get the layout and information you want!

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