Valve's handbook for new employees is a must read

Posted around online in the past few days is a PDF copy of Valve's handbook for new employees. It walks through everything from company structure, to gauging your own performance and what is expected of you. Seeing how such a successful company operates is fascinating. From how employees organize projects to just the overall tone of the document. It's a long read but damn, I recommend reading it cover to cover.

I've re-uploaded it here incase the original link I found becomes unavailable and also for a more permanent record for my own memory.

Inspiration From FITC Toronto 2010

For the past few days I have been in Toronto, Canada for the Flash In The Can (FITC) conference. Throughout the 3 days, there were a few talks that really got me inspired and a few in which I fell asleep. Below I shall give you some details on James White, Scott Hansen, Jer Thorp, and Wesley Grubbs. Be sure to check out their sites and portfolios to see the great work that they do.

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