Performance Hit When Using CSS box-shadow With Text Boxes

Just finished debugging a problem where I had text boxes whose performance was terrible. There was a noticeable lag between input and display and it was not usable.

After looking around it turned out the CSS3 box-shadow I had on the parent div which contained these text boxes was causing the performance hit. I assume that each time you type a letter, the browser has to re-render the box-shadow. I was using a box shadow of type inset for an inner gradient look so your results may differ with different box shadow types.

IETester Needs IE7

For the past few days I have been trying to debug a weird IE7 issue with regards to transparent PNGs. Everything on the internet was telling me that what was happing shouldn't happen so this was a pretty frustrating experience. I'm a mac user and use IETester for making sure websites work in IE. It's a solid app and hasn't failed me in the past.

Vertical Align A Horizontal Menu in CSS

This is just a quick post on vertically aligning a horizontal menu with CSS. There are many posts out there on how to do this, but on a current project, I found that none of the tutorials I found worked. I managed to stumble upon a way that worked. I know for many this will be common sense....this post is for everybody else.

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